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About Us


Nicole Trimboli
Co-Founder & CFO LivingRoots Inc.

I’m Nicole Trimboli, co-founder of LivingRoots Inc. I was a professional athlete, turned coach, turned entrepreneur. I left my 10-year career in NCAA coaching to build something that would make it simple for families to capture their own unique stories, and create an online life legacy. A secure and private space where you’re not bombarded with ads, politics, word vomit, or click bait. LivingRoots is a space to collect our REAL life story with the people who matter most- Family.

When I told people about LivingRoots, I got comments like, “I wish LivingRoots was around before my Dad passed away. I wish I had his stories for my kids now.” That sealed my entrepreneurial fate. I knew I had to make the project a reality.

After leaving my job, I plunged into building a team and the site you see here. Use LivingRoots as your life storytelling tool so your descendants can know who you were, because you’re the narrator of your legacy.

Meet The Team


Lisa Modglin
Co-Founder & CFO LivingRoots Inc.


Nagesh VenkataAnupindi
PhD Fractional
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Nagesh has been a Technology Entrepreneur guiding companies through development and monetization of Technology Platforms with high data-quality foundations. Nagesh invests in early-stage growth companies that need such Technology Platforms to boost their revenue and marketplace in return for a combination of equity, revenue-share and payment. By founding Apoorva, Nagesh provides IT Services in a commercial set-up.

Nagesh authored several articles as well as a book titled "Enterprise Architecture Turnaround." Nagesh is a recipient of national-level Thomas Edison award, Dale Carnegie's Lifetime Achievement Award for Exemplary Courage, and 30+ corporate awards for high-quality delivery and business development.

Nagesh has Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Telecommunications and Masters in Digital Signal Processing from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Nagesh received Doctorate in Computer Engineering from the University of Rhode Island for developing Fast Fourier Transform algorithms through Tensor Product algebra and for implementing them on IBM's i860 Supercomputers.